Friday, November 27, 2009

Now with 100% more ocean

I don't think I've ever eaten a Thanksgiving dinner outdoors, much less outdoors in a beautiful courtyard in the moonlight. But yesterday was unseasonably warm, even for here- in the low 80's during the day and wonderfuly mild after sundown.

Back home, the world is brown and gold and hunkered down, waiting for the snow. Here, the flowers are still glorious.

A blossom on a palm plant, which opened yesterday.


Bird of Paradise

Some sort of tree that the hummingbirds love.

But before the moonlight courtyard supper (with no bugs- not one), we hiked up one of the trails at Point Mugu State Park. As far as hikes go, it was fairly easy, a .7 mile vertical walk up to one of the most gorgeous vistas I've ever seen.

It was pretty warm, and the sun was very intense, but we had plenty of water, and a very good snack at the top. And the view was spectacular. We rested and looked and enjoyed, and then made the trek back down the hill- .9 miles on a bike track,which was a slightly gentler incline and wider and smoother. On the way we saw some really interesting trees.

And like a doofus, I was surprised to see yellow and falling leaves. For some reason, I thought that California was All Green, All the Time.

Once down at the bottom of the trail, we went across Highway 1, and stuck our toes in the Pacific.

and gazed at that wonderful view up close (the aperture didn't open all the way, that's what the shadow is).

The breakers are very close to the shore, and are thunderously loud.

And I got my picture taken.

Today, we're going to The Getty. Lucky lucky us.


Anonymous said...

You are one blessed lady! What a fantastic trip! And you used one of my favorite fall words "hunkered" down. I love to go for a fall ride in Tennessee and see all the "hunkered down" farms and homes. Everything looks so clean and neat and ready for cold winter nights and warm winter homes. Thanks for letting us enjoy your wonderful trip! Great pictures.

Gayle said...

Glorious pix. We were at the Getty a few weeks ago. Enjoy! The "palm" flower is a giant bird of paradise. The red flower that they humming birdies love is a bottle brush plant. Hwy. 1 is such fun.
San Diego

Mary Keenan said...

Super ultra lucky you! Wowza - thanks for the pix and update!

Kathy Sue said...

It is so neat to see our beautiful area through new eyes. Places I have hiked all my life. Glad you are enjoying it.

You are going to be amazed by the Getty. We go at least twice a year.

Barbara from Nova Scotia said...

Oh, the ocean... Love it! I bet it was warmer than the North Atlantic! *sigh*