Saturday, November 7, 2009


(In case it's not clear what you're seeing above- each one of those shiny strands is a parachute spider that has left home... )(yeah, millions of them)


Fríða said...

wow! I clicked the photo bigger and, that´s amazing, I´ve never seen anything like this.
best wishes from Iceland

Mary Keenan said...

Amazing is the word! Does this happen to this degree every year, or are you seeing more this fall than usual?

joannamauselina said...

I love gossamer time (Goose Summer). Now that I am a Seattleite, I don't see it, but remember it from my more countrified youth. Spiders are a good thing.

Gayle said...

Wasn't Charlotte (of Web fame) a parachute spider? Seems I remember her babies floatinging away. What a great photo! Thanks for sharing it.
San Diego