Monday, November 23, 2009

It's the night before...

...yet another flight. My very first airplane ride was the one I took when I moved to South Dakota, alone and barely 18 years old. It was 27 years before I got on another plane- that time to Monterrey, CA for Bouchercon (The World Mystery Convention). Up until the last four months, I generally went years in between flights. This is my third trip since August.

Tomorrow morning, we take off again, from Aberdeen to Minneapolis to Salt Lake City to Los Angeles (with long enough layovers that we don't have to sprint from one end of a large airport to another). From morning temps in the teens to afternoon temps in the high 70's. From soybean and corn harvests to palm trees. From video calls and letters, to smooches in person.

I'm going to be one Happy Grandma come tomorrow afternoon. And I might even see the ocean. I'll take pictures.

You all be good while I'm gone, and I'll check in as I can.


Butch Hudson said...

Very envious! Have a great time!

Geek Knitter said...

Safe travels to you.