Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Folk Art Santas

I went through a wood carving stage back in the 90's (sort of like the Torchwork Phase, and the Berserker Basketweaving- I'm a serial obsessionist), and these primative Folk Art Santas are the closest to Art (with the Cap) that I've ever come.

They were all carved from soft pine cutouts (that I cut myself, I might add, with a scroll saw). It's too bad that when an obsession leaves, it really leaves. I'd sort of like to make more of these.

The backs of the Santas are all trees

I love this grouping

This is how it started, with very amateur basswood carvings. I moved on to the flat work afterward.


I need to re-anchor the dowel on the big Half-Moon Carved Santa

These aren't carved- I used textured paint for the beards

Every year when I set these out, I am amazed that I actually made them. And some year, I'll actually get good pictures. These were the best I could manage.


Diane said...

Those are VERY cool!! You have every right to be proud of them. "serial obsessionist" I love it (and can SO relate!!)

Anonymous said...

Very, Very nice and I love that picture on the wall behind them, too.

Karen said...

I remember these from MWF days -- loved them then, too!

Hazel said...

I am also a serial obsessionist. Right now, it's spinning. I never tried carving -- I wish that one would hit -- but you know, they tend to choose you, rather than you choose them. At least that is my experience.

Mary Keenan said...

What Karen said - and also, you sure were able to make a lot before the obsession dried up! So much nicer to have a serious Santa theme to show for all your work, as opposed to losing interest after cutting the first few shapes and then having to find storage space for the materials. Not that I, um, speak from experience or anything ;^)

AmandaZ said...

I love your folk art santas! Have you considered selling these on etsy?

Butch Hudson said...

Love the Santas! Dee and I are Mr. & Mrs. Claus, but have not had everything out in a few years.
I collect nativities, we have 20+.

Kathleen Taylor said...

Thanks everyone. AmandaZ- These Santas are about 15 years old. I'm not making them now. But even if I was, I don't usually sell my stuff. I'm not into production-the minute I had to carve 10 Santas, I wouldn't want to carve any, no matter how much I was being paid.