Tuesday, November 3, 2009

A Normal Tuesday

Or at least, it's starting out that way, and I hope it lasts. I was majorly exposed to H1N1 while in NC, but did not get it (and it's been more than 7 days, so I think I'm home free. At least on this round). However, last week, I did,  suddenly develop PVD, which is annoying, though not dangerous. I can see around/through the new floater, and it's only in one eye (for now), so I'm able to knit, watch TV and read, and it wasn't a retinal tear or detatchment (or a brain tumor- hypochondria is my friend), which is what I feared. So that's good as well, and the Dr. tells me that my brain will eventually learn to ignore it. It's sort of a Welcome to Old Age message from my eyes... gee thanks...

But between not getting sick, and trying not to see the blob in the center of my field of vision, it's a Normal Tuesday. Heroes seems to be back on track (not Season 1 greatness, but a leap forward from The Black Tear Twins), tonight is Dirty Jobs, and I am very intrigued by V, which I will probably record.

And I'm working on the Ty Dy socks:

The color repeats are pretty random (that's a long streak of dark green/blue there at the heel), so these may be fraternal socks. Elizabeth asked about the pin- I use a safety pin to mark the beginning of the round- it's just a reminder.

Mary took my Spiral Self Patterning Dyeing class at SAFF. She chose the Watermelon colorway and wondered if she knit two at a time, from both ends of the ball, if the spirals would go the opposite direction. Here's proof that they don't, though the color order is reversed (something that I don't think you'd notice if it wasn't pointed out). Your socks look great, Mary! Thanks for sharing.

Linda designed a Stone Temple Pilots hat from the We Call Them Pirates pattern, that inspired the We Call Him Spidey Hat, which in turn inspired my We Call Him Spidey Mittens , which is how she came to the pattern in the first place, which you'll admit, is an interesting progression. Linda's hats (for her nephews) turned out beautifully!

And I bought the last two paperbacks in the Sookie Stackhouse series, by Charlaine Harris.

I'm reading All Together Dead, and enjoying it as much as the previous 6 books. One nice thing about coming to a series late in the game, is that I can do a lot of catch up reading before I have to wait a year in between installments.

And I intend to knit, read, work on pattern sizing, and watch TV today. But since it's a normal Tuesday, I need to run first. It's time to say good morning to my friends at the cemetary.

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maxine said...

The coming to a series late is exactly how I felt in discovering your fiction series. I reserved the ones I could at the library(which was 3 of them), picked up 2 at half price books in town, and then found the last at amazon. I read them all back to back, all before the library books were due back. I(and I bet many others) want more!