Thursday, November 26, 2009

Turkey Day!

It would be a much shorter list to detail the things I'm not thankful for, since my life overflows with blessings. Voracious Reader is sitting next to me and she reminded me that I am thankful for sheep and the wool that they give and the yarn that is made from the wool, and she is absolutely right. Superhero Boy, on my other side, reminds me that I am so happy to be in California with him (and he is totally correct on that point). Over and above everything else I am thankful for, I am thankful for all of you- the 380 of you ,on average, who check in to my blathering every day. I'm amazed and honored and amused that so many are not bored silly by my constant chatter. (okay, many of you may in fact be bored silly, but you keep checking in, for which I am thankful).

Yesterday, we visited the most beautiful public library that I've ever seen (if that link doesn't take you directly to it, click on Camarillo). In addition to the sunken ship where kids can read, and the stage where kids can put on plays, the carvings and tile mosaics and Mission furniture throughout add up to the most wonderful, soothing place. I would love to spend hours and hours there.

After the library, we went to the most wonderful Mexican market and had a pineapple paleta , which is basically a huge, delicious, popcicle.

Yesterday morning, I ran with The Wonderful Genevieve, on a route through Cal State U Channel Islands, which has a totally beautiful campus. The distance was the same as what I run at home. But at home, the ground doesn't have those odd geographical swellings that make running a bit more difficult for old ladies. Between hills and the heat (it wasn't hot, but it was a good 40 degrees warmer than I am used to at the moment), I had to walk more of the route than I wanted to. But I made up for that by swimming an hour in the complex pool with VR andSB.

It's good that I'm getting lots of exercise, because the food... oh my the food... tamales, burritos, guacamole... all the real thing, and all absolutely and totally yummy.

Today, we're turkeying and hiking and being thankful. Life is good.

Oh- and there are no clouds here. Not even a wisp. I have never seen such an expanse of totally blue sky.


Kathy Sue said...

Wow---You are in my home town!!! Isn't our library amazingly beautiful? Took a lot of fundraising to build that thing.

And the weather--not bad for the end of November, eh? My family has been here since 1960. I have no desire to leave, except maybe when the clear blue skies get to me. There should be clouds, right?

Well, I hope you enjoy your stay and you and your family have a great Thanksgiving.

LizzieHelen said...

You are not that far from where my oldest son--and three grandchildren--live in Canoga Park. Small world!