Sunday, January 31, 2010

Yuma Day 1

As airport days go, today was fairly easy. It started early, as they all do, but the flights were smooth and on time. I got into Denver at Gate 24 and flew out from Gate 26, something that has never happened to me. Usually, I have to hoof it from one end of every airport to the other. It was a nice break, especially since Phoenix's airport is the most confusing one I've ever been in- it's not very well marked, and finding your way outside to the bus that takes you from one gate to another (about a mile away- no kidding) was difficult, and then you have to go through security again.... I actually felt lost for awhile.

But I made it to Yuma safely. From -11 degrees this morning, to this:

I'm tired, but I expect I won't get a whole lot of sympathy....
I'll check in tomorrow.

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MorningGlory said...

No sympathy here, that sunshine and those palm trees will have you up and dancing in no time!