Wednesday, May 19, 2010

AI Season 9- Top 3 Elimination

My newspaper today (printed last night) had a small blurb declaring that Casey James did not advance to the finale. I wonder if they know something that we don't.

Hi, Rest of the Top 12. Good to see you all!

Randy is wearing a white tee and his usual beads. Ellen has a cream jacket over a white shirt and a pink, gray and tan striped tie. Kara is wearing a velour, off the shoulder straight jacket.

Ryan sits with the kids on stage. Casey is wearing a blue shirt and his hair is in a bun. Crystal has leggings tucked into cowboy boots, and a black print tee. Lee's in a black suit and tie with a taupe shirt. Ryan questions them all at length, and we have plenty of time to learn that  Lee is not the only inarticulate one.

The Fordmercial exhalts the virtues of graffiti.

We see clips of Casey's home visit first. It took a Google search to learn that there really is a town called Cool, TX. His trip consists of limos and motorcades, and packed high school stadiums, and ladies who are old enough to know better screaming their fool heads off, and autographing puppy dogs. There are very few men in any of the crowds. Casey becomes weepy watching the clips.

Ryan says that Travis Garland is going to sing after the commercial. I know absolutely nothing about this person, but based on his name alone, I'm betting he's a country boy.

Good thing I'm not a gambler. Famous For No Reason That I Can Discern Perez Hilton discovered this Travis fellow. And he's most definitely not country. What he is for certain, I can't tell. But his backup girls wear corsets and not much else, and his backup boys are very limber and like to stomp. I do like the drum cadence though- it reminds me of Paul Simon's The Obvious Child.

Crystal played a teeny little harmonica on the plane to Toledo. Her visit consists of limos and motorcades, and screaming people and autographing chests. She appears to be having a grand time, and it's nice to hear her giggle. She visits her dad's farm, and gets snuggles from her little boy. Whoa- is that a Bowersox Original I hear playing in the background? Yep! I am totally shocked that the show not only allowed her to perform one of her own songs, but that it was played on air. Man, I can't wait for her album. Crystal weeps openly after her clips.

Lee is in Chicago. His visit consists of limos and motorcades and little girls making the sound that only little girls can make as he visits his elementary school, and Wrigley Field. He sings The Boxer, which I liked a lot (and should probably download). After the clips finish, Lee, with moist eyes, does something amazing: he expresses a coherent thought.

Famous For No Reason That I Can Discern Justin Beiber and his Hair Helmet threaten to sing two songs. I leave the sound on long enough to confirm that Justin not only looks like an eleven year old girl, he sounds like one too. His backup dancing consists of lots of hops and leaps, and a little bit of skipping.
Small Play Inspired By a Bra Commercial:

Me: Now why would anyone cross the straps on top of their boobs?

Him: Because they can?
Okay, here we go. Ryan wastes no time telling Lee that he's in the Finale. Absolutely no one is surprised.

...and.... Woohoo!!

I know it might have seemed like a gimmee, but I wasn't laying bets. I am absolutely thrilled, and more than a little relieved, that Crystal is in the finale.

Casey sounds great on his singout, with a small, beribboned girl sitting on his lap. Does he have a previously unmentioned daughter?

I hope Casey is able to front a really good bar band- I'd go listen to him, especially if I could drink a couple of beers at the same time.

So, next week we see if America wants another WGWG (white guy with guitar), or if they want An Artist They Can Ignore. Either way, how much to you wanna bet they trot out the Pants Onna Ground guy?


Kathy said...

Goodness! I hadn't given Pants guy a thought in months!
I've been following Adam Lambert on various sites and am always impressed with how articulate he is in interviews...not to mention the patience he displays at being asked the same questions over and over and over! He must seem a gift to a smart interviewer.

LizzieHelen said...

I assumed the little girl was a niece.

Barb said...

I might go watch with a glass of wine if there was no cover charge! Lovely voice but mighty boring. Lee still has a few flat notes but I agree Crystal would be more successful if she finishes second. Thanks again for all your recaps. They are great! PS. I downloaded my first song today on I tunes - But it was I dreamed a dream from the last glee episode!

Kathleen Taylor said...

Kathy- I shudder to think of what Lee is going to do in interviews (whether he's the winner or runner up, it's going to be terrible).
LizzieHelen- ah, that makes sense. It was obvious that the little one knew him, and there seemed to be some family resemblance.
Barb- be careful, iTunes is a slippery slope