Sunday, May 9, 2010

What I'm working on...

... whoa... I can show you what I'm knitting... imagine that.

I'm not sure what to call this sweater- Bird in the Hand has already been taken by a pair of beautiful, and fairly famous mittens. Bird Folk? The Birds? Happy Bird-day? Though the bird motif originated along the Danube, in execution it looks a bit Peruvian (throw a llama in there, you'll see what I mean).

The chart was adapted from the old Dover book Charted Folk Designs for Cross-Stitch Embroidery, which I bought back when Dover books cost $2.50 (a looong time ago). It's probably out of print now, but it's a treasure trove with hundreds and hundreds of old charted folk designs (all copyright free). I referred to it extensively when I designed cross stitch back in the day. It comes in handy for stranded knitting too.

But regardless of title, this sweater is a stash-buster. I'm using whatever old yarns (from my own purchases, and left from several books) that I pull out of the bag/box in combos that appeal to me. It's going to be bright and goofy and fun. I think it'll be a v-neck pullover, but I'll leave the neck shaping until the end because I could change my mind on that.

Oh- the 16" circ to the right holds the sleeves. I'm knitting them tandem- which means both are cast on at the same time, with steeks between. When they're finished, I'll cut them apart, and seam them. I'll take pics.

Stats: Size 8 (5mm) needles, worsted weight yarn, body of sweater: 224 sts. Gauge: approx 5 sts=1". It'll be about 44" around (I like my sweaters roomy). I'm keeping this one.


joannamauselina said...

It's lovely. I am slightly inspired to do something similar. I have a huge shetland stash of leftovers. But I have too many other things going right now. I wish I had that book. Or similar, which must still be available. How is Vanity Fair coming. I am about to read one of your recommendations _ Three Men in a Boat, or something like that. I just downloaded it to my magic e-reader.

DragonsChest said...

That's a totally cool idea about how you're doing your sleeves in tandem. I would love to see pics of this technique.

Mary Keenan said...

Joanna, I just checked and has quite a few like this for not a lot of money at all! That's a great resource, Kathi... I think I need one like it too :^) Re. the birds I can't help thinking of the blue bird of happiness - ridiculously long name, but that blue! it just makes me feel so happy!

Kathleen Taylor said...

joanna- the weather has been icky, so I've been treadmilling it, and making progress on Vanity Fair, which I am enjoying. I l oved Three Men in a Boat- it made me laugh out loud several times.

DragonsChest: I'll take pics of the whole sleeve process. It's a real time saver.

Mary: good titles! You often come up with great names for my projects.

mrae said...

I am going to Love watching you knit this sweater!