Wednesday, May 12, 2010

AI Season 9-Top 4 Elimination

We go all theatrical with Exorcist music, and B/W shots of the Top 4 with screen credits, plus Jamie Foxx, who is, let's face it, creepy.

Ryan enters from the audience, meeting and greeting excited fans as he tells us that 37 million votes were cast last night, the most so far this season.

Randy is wearing a very girly gray and black striped sweater. Ellen is in a white blazer over blue chambray. Kara is wearing gray with bronze sequins on the lapels, and she arm-wrestles with Simon.

We get to the guest singers right out of the bucket. Fantasia's keyboardist has a beard dred. Fanty herself looks better than ever in a sparkly jacket, very tight spandex pants, and Justin Beiber Bangs. She still sounds the same though, with the same mushy enunciation. Fantasia has been known to go batshit crazy on the AI stage, so this is a very subdued performance. Actually, it's quite pretty.

The Top 4 sit on stage on the Stools of Seriousness as the Fordmercial plays. It's unremarkable except that it gave us Casey in lederhosen.

Ryan reminds us that the Top 3 get extra special home visits, which are always fun, and teary, to watch. We see clips of: Elliott and his Sweet Mama, Carrie, David Archuletta, Ruben, Adam, Kris Allen, David cook, Bo Bice, Fantasia, Danny Gokey, Blake Lewis, Clay and Jordin. And if you're counting, that's all  of the winners except Kelly (who likely did not get and Official Home Visit), and Taylor. sigh. (Edited to add: evidently Taylor was shown after all. Sorry.) The thing is, all 4 of the kids will go home next week. One just gets to stay there.

All of the families are on stage. I am relieved to see that Crystal's boyfriend is wearing regular pants tonight.

Ryan has Mike (gray vest, tight black tee, stupid hat), and Casey (gray plaid shirt cut on the bias, with something painted on the back. Maybe a cross) stand. Mike says that he chose the duet song last night, and for that alone, he deserves to go home.

With little ado, Ryan announces that Casey is safe. Hmmmmmmmm. Mostly I think that means that Mike will be going home, but I'm not going to bet the farm on that.

Daughtry is up next. I was predisposed to think that his carefully sculpted sideburns alongside the artful stubble were the dumbest thing on the stage until, I got a peek at the guitarist's Mohawk. Daughtry still shouts his music, but this isn't bad. He was never a favorite of mine, but I harbor him no ill will.

Oh Ryan. Fat jokes? Really?

Mike gets a long and detailed critique from all of the judges, which makes me nervous and him complacent. Lee (suit jacket, white shirt, loosened tie) gets even more critique, which inspires him to talk, which is never a good thing. Crystal (goofy penguin shirt with a large number of straps) is also analyzed.

Then Ryan says that Lee is going back to Chicago, which fakes me out at first because going home to stay and going home to a triumphant parade both happen in the same place. But Lee is safe.

My my, Jon Bon Jovi is ageing nicely.

Oh my lordy, will they ever stop asking Lee questions? They finally do, now that we're down to the wire, with Crystal taking Mike's arm (whether in support, or out of nerves, I can't tell).

....and..... whew.

Crystal is happy and sad. I'm just happy.

Mike rode the B3 train so many times that, despite his sweet wife's tears, he can't possibly be surprised. The show finally gets the sound right, and this singout sounds great. I assume we'll be hearing Mike on the radio in a few months. Well, not me because I don't listen to the radio if I can help it, but you know what I mean.


Diane said...

Taylor was shown tonight......I'm sure that was him!!!

Kathleen Taylor said...

thanks Diane- I ammended the recap

LizzieHelen said...

I figured Lee had made top 3 when I got an automated call this morning listing all the street closures for tomorrow (?) evening. They'll end up at Arlington Park for a few songs--the racing ends by 6, I think. I'll probably be working.

Taylor was shown twice, at least--getting off the plane and receiving keys.