Monday, May 17, 2010

Spring and Socks and Good-Bye Noah Bennett

It took a good long time arriving, but spring is finally here. New growth is everywhere.

They don't call them Cottonwood for nothin'. The air is full of flying cotton this morning. All of the sidewalks and roadsides look like newly drifted snow.

I'm so glad that the flood didn't kill the little Sumac trees down in the park. They're so pretty in the fall- we get so little red foliage, that I would be sad to lose them. You can see how high the water got by the debris left behind (the creek is a good 20' from this spot now).

And this is my current road sock. I love the sort of Camo look it has. This is a Fortissima Colori Socka Color yarn- It's from the Mexiko Country Colors line, and the colorway is #14.  Though the numbers don't match, this looks to be Madagascar. I actually have no idea where I bought this yarn- maybe it just magically appeared in my stash.

In other news- I am so disappointed that Heroes has been cancelled. I was sadly aware that it was never going to regain that Season 1 Awsome, but I thought it had recovered well enough to continue on. I'm going to miss The Petrellis. I do hope they give us some sort of closure on the series- a final episode or two, just to tie things up a bit.

Side Note: I am having a terrible time with the formatting here lately- if I add the pictures after I write the text, the pictures won't stay where I put them (the order and location changes every time I add another pic). If I upload the pics first, then the text automatically centers, and I can't get it to align left. I hope the bug gets worked out soon. In the meantime, it's more important that the pics stay where I put them, so please pardon the centered text. sigh.


Barb said...

Okay so it's weird that your "side note" is not centered?

Kathleen Taylor said...

I noticed that. makes no sense at all.