Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Link- Spoonflower

So, do you all know about Spoonflower? If not, click the link. I'll wait for you.

Are you back now? Are you amazed? And hyperventilating? I was when I first realized that there was a way to have custom fabrics printed. It's spendy, fer shure, but the potential is unlimited.

And of course, I have to try it out. My first custom fabric?

Is on the way. It's a fat quarter with a color, cut and sew outfit for an 18" doll. It took me quite awhile to put this together (it's hard to design a huge single motif for a fat quarter, especially when you're working on an image that is 3,000 pixels wide) (smaller, repeating motifs will be much easier to handle- but for an entire outfit, I had to work with that size). The skirt, vest and bag are my own design, and I think the Grands will love coloring the pieces with fabric markers or fabric paints, or whatever. I'll do the first sample myself, and if it comes out okay, I'll order a yard, and let The Girls go to town.

And if it does work out, the print will be for sale in the Spoonflower shop (designers get a 10% commission, redeemable on future orders, so it's not like anyone will get rich here. I figured others might want to try the design too, just for the fun of it). The sample should be here within 10 days. I can't wait!

And of course, I'm just getting my feet wet. I know I'll be designing more (and not just cut-color-sew stuff, but actual fabrics for quilting and sewing). Woohoo!

P.S. I can already see that I need to revise the piece to say the seam allowance has already been added in (in other words, cut on the black lines), and to practice coloring in the margins to make sure that the markers or paints don't bleed into each other. Also, to color first, and then cut.


Kate G. said...

So happy that you of all people, Kathleen, have found Spoonflower. Isn't it amazing? New print technologies have made fabric design affordable. Plus the company is dedicated to bringing in new ranges of fabrics and they are pro-community and pro new talent. Gosh, I guess that makes them pro-active!

Anyway, can't wait to see your dress fabric (that's me prodding to post a photo). This is going to be fun.

Kathleen Taylor said...

Kate- I am entranced! I keep looking through all of the fabrics that have already been created and want to buy them all, and then I get ideas for new ones... I'm glad I didn't find this until after I'd finished my book. I would have been in big trouble.

martha said...

Way cool! I wish my daughter still played with her dolls! I too love spoonflower and have had some things printed there.