Monday, May 10, 2010

Doll Clothes and the Folk Design Book

I've had several inquiries about the Charted Folk Designs for Cross-Stitch Embroidery book that I talked about yesterday- the one with 278 charts of Ancient Folk Embroideries from the countries along the Danube, by Maria Foris and edited by Andreas Foris. The Dover book is, as I suspected, out of print. But I did find a listing of copies for sale, ranging from $11-$90. Before you go and order one, here's the drill on the book: it's paperback, the charts are small and crammed many to a page. It would be nearly impossible to work from any of the charts without re-drawing them, both larger and more accurately (some pages, the printing is off a bit, so the squares overlap a little). And it's printed in just 2 colors: black and red. But there are 77 pages of wonderful designs (all copyright free- Dover just asks that you credit them if you use one of the charts, and that you don't use more than 10 charts in any single project). Despite the shortcomings, I would be very sad if I lost my copy.

So, I spent some time sewing yesterday. Voracious Reader has discovered American Girl-style dolls (a couple of years later than her cousins). I had some time this weekend to expand Emily's wardrobe (she of the quilt I made last week).

This flannel print makes me think of this song. It was great fun to make this matching jammies, bathrobe and slippers.

Also this *fur* jacket with the real separating zipper. (and the uneven hem, as I just now noticed)

and the shirt made from one of my old t-shirts, and foam sandals...

and this leopard print felt backpack with a real working zipper.

I think Emily will be pleased.

P.S. I didn't do a lot of knitting last night because I was too busy weeping my way through the latest Lost episode.


joannamauselina said...

The doll clothes are amazing -- specially the little knapsack.

Jd said...


I, unfortunately lost my book "Charted Folk Designs for Cross-Stitch Embroidery: 278 Charts of Ancient Folk Embroideries from the Countries Along the Danube by Maria Foris".

Although I remember a page where it has colored cross stitch patterns. It has been 5 years since I lost it but all I remember was there was a page with alphabets and a brown house design sewn on the cross stitch cloth. Can you please scan that brown house alone? I like that design.

It is my kindly request.
Thank you.

Kathleen Taylor said...

JD- my copy of the book is quite old, and perhaps it's an early version that was later revised. I found the alphabet pages, but I'm sorry to say that my book has no charts with a house design. I did find a copy of the book for my sister on eBay last year. Perhaps you can find a copy there. I wish I could have helped you.

Jd said...

Oh :( I guess I may have to buy the newer version of the book.

Thank you for your quick reply and checking out the book for me :)

Nice blog and wonderful books on knitting.