Friday, May 28, 2010

Rather Random Friday

I wandered around yesterday in a Post Finale haze. Between Lost and American Idol, my brain was/is fried, and I forgot all about the Thursday Tab. Sorry about that- by next week, my synapses should reboot.

So today's post is just sort of random things I'd meant to talk about but also forgot.

Many of you non-Midwesterners might not know what a Cottonwood tree does when it blooms.
Looks just like snow, doesn't it? The air fills with this stuff, it gets in your nose and eyes and air conditioner vents, and everywhere else it can travel on the wind (and here in South Dakota, the wind is everywhere). Luckily, I am not allergic- those who are, suffer mightily. And even more lucky- the big cottonwood tree in our yard is cottonless.

Here are the finished vinyl tablecloth raincoats for the 18" dolls. They look adorable, but the cloth itself is not sturdy enough to hold up to actual play (something I didn't discover until it was too late). It tears at the seams, and makes excited girls very unhappy (not to mention Grandmas who spent a couple of days sewing these things). I guess the lesson is to reject any tablecloth that feels stiff. The red gingham one is holding up just fine, and that cloth was a little more thick and flexible (despite being manufactured by the same company- same brand, same price, same store).

Surf's Up!

No title for this outfit, I just thought it was cute.

Note to Blogspot: please please please get the #$%&*# formatting fixed. I am very very tired of wrestling with the placement of each and every damn photo. It worked just fine up until last month- I want it back.


joannamauselina said...

Those raincoats are spectacular! What a disappointment to find that the material is inferior. I have had that experience with knitted and sewn projects, and it is awful.

There is cottonwood fluff here in Seattle just now. I love it. I might not love it so much if there were as much as there seems to be in your pictures. Achoo!

Always Me said...

The Cottonwood fluff looks just like bunny fur. We have fuzzy little pile of it around out house for a few months every spring.

That is sad. The raincoats looked adorable. I'm glad the other outfits you made came out well.

Gramma Phyllis said...

You sure lucked out in having a male cottonwood. We have tons of fluff here in western NY. Here they call the trees yellow poplar but they are cottonwood.

Sorry about the raincoats. Why is it the one pattern the recipient likes is to one that doesn't do what you want?