Tuesday, May 11, 2010

AI Season 9- Top 4 Performance

This. Is. A. Dramatic. Head. Turn.

Randy is wearing a cream Izod cardigan. Ellen is in a black wool vest over a white shirt, with a soft gray neck scarf wrapped several times around her neck. Kara is all Office Professional, with good makeup and nary a sparkle.

Tonight's mentor, Jamie Foxx, is a singer in pretty much exactly the way Miley Cyrus is. The clips we hear of his musical prowess appear to be digitally enhanced. Majorly. Jamie sees himself not only as a mentor, but as an artistic arbiter, a designation he honors with specially printed t-shirts.

First up is Lee, who learns as Danny Gokey did last year, that Jamie Foxx has serious issues with personal space. He's singing Kiss from a Rose, which is both predictible and boring, except for those high notes, which are excruciating. However, outside of his usual percentage of bad notes, this is okay.

Note to Ryan: Please stop asking Lee questions.

Mike is wearing yet another too-small black leather jacket. There seems to be some tension between Mike and Jamie- their hug was the guy version of an air-kiss. I didn't catch the title of his song, but I recognize it. It's very gospel-y, and it's smack in the middle of Mike's wheelhouse. As usual, Mike needs to work on his Game Face. I'll bet his grade-school report cards had a lot of  *does not accept constructive criticism* notations.

Note to Simon: Just because the movie was about a whale, does not mean that the damn song is about a whale.

Ooh, duets! Crystal and Lee are singing some song that I don't know, but I can guarantee that I will know it soon because I'm going to download it from iTunes as soon as it's available. They sound fantastic together, and it looks like they're having a lot of fun with this. There is some great 360 degree camera work going on here, swinging all the way around the pair without a using a track.

Casey, wearing a teal leather windbreaker, decides to sing Mrs. Robinson. Now this is is an iconic song, and I love Paul Simon totally and without reserve, but it's laid-back, and Casey is not a laid-back singer. Also, he's playing a mandolin. This is interesting and quiet and subdued, and it's actually quite pretty. And Casey managed to keep his eyes open for almost the entire song. But this is not the night for subtlety. Or for quiet prettiness. And Casey surely knew that someone would pick up on the subtext of the song, which has been hammered into the ground. The hammering continues. Ad nauseum.

Crystal changed her ouftit after the duet. She's now wearing a black dress with open shoulders, sequins on the lapels, and a sort of lace skirt,. My heart sinks when I hear that she's singing the theme song from Caddyshack. But I should not have worried. Crystal's I'm All Right takes a throw-away song and turns it into an anthem. It's not just good, it's perfect. Brava!

Another note to Simon: the movie is about blowing up gophers. Seriously.

Tell me, have you ever, really really really hated a song? I have. But Casey and Mike, both wearing black suit jackets, do as well with this ridiculous song as they possibly can. They harmonize beautifully together, though Casey's voice sort of disappears, leaving Mike to carry the melody. Open your eyes, Casey! I did like their synchronized stomping.

So- no one was *worst* tonight- but I suspect that Casey will hit the road.

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