Saturday, August 7, 2010

Accidental Discoveries

I started out sewing roll-up knitting needle cases because it seemed like a fun, and totally appropriate, project for the Knit 2 Together fabrics that I designed through Spoonflower.

I started with this one, a case for my 6" wooden sock needles.

And then I made this one, a case for 10" and 14" straights. Note: I discovered that I do not, all appearances to the contrary, have every size knitting needle. Evidently I need 10" size 4 and 7 straights. Also Note: Next time, I'll make the slots to the far right bigger, to accommodate 4 large size needles.
It looks pretty cool rolled up too.
I ran out of the green fabric, so I made a case for my 6" metal sock needles (which are the ones I use most often, hence multiple sets in each size) from the peach version.
They look good rolled up together too.
And then I looked in my Needle Tub, and realized that what started out as a fun project, has turned into a really handy way to organize my needles. It is going to be so nice, next time I need Size 8 straights, or Size 5 dpns, just to go to the proper case (color coordinated, dontchaknow) and find them. Next project: a roll-up case for 7" and 8" dpns. And I might need to think seriously about some kind of organizer for the circs.


Mary Keenan said...

That last picture makes me feel *so* much better about my needle stash!! Love the needle cases, too :^)

joannamauselina said...

Super tidy and convenient. As well as very attractive. Mine look exactly like that last picture, except that there are other things in the bin as well - so in fact, yours looks a lot better. I have a loose leaf binder with mylar pages for my circs. A page per size and a paper in the mylar thing with the number on it. Not at all cute, but an easy way to find the proper needle quickly.

Kathleen Taylor said...

Mary- you should have seen it before I put straights in the case.

joanna- that's an excellent suggestion. I may give that a try.