Thursday, August 19, 2010

Thursday Tab- Golden Books Tammy and Pepper Playbook, 1963-64

As long as we're on a Tammy and Pepper kick, I thought I'd upload this one (it wasn't part of the antique store find).

This is a fun coloring/paper doll book, with a story included. I remember very well when coloring books regularly featured a couple of pages of paper dolls along with the usual coloring pages. This one was published by Golden in 63-64, and it features the older style Tammy and Pepper (before they underwent their Glamorization). I'm going to post the scans over two weeks.

There must be a slit in Pepper's neck for these outfits to stay on. And holes at the bottoms of the capris and tops of the shoes.

and in Tammy's as well

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