Wednesday, August 18, 2010

More FOs

I finished the waffle texture hat, which goes with the waffle texture mittens (which coordinate with, but do not go with the waffle texture socks, because I'm keeping them). The hat is generously sized- not terribly big, but it could have been 8 sts smaller (I used 104 sts with size 8 needles). It would be perfect for someone with lots of curly hair.
I think the waffle texture looks really good with this thick 'n thin yarn, and it plays off the color variations really well. This yarn, in case you forgot (which is not likely, since I've been talking about it for a month), is handspun, from a  Decadent Fibers Jelly Roll. I still have a largish ball of the yarn left- certainly enough for a pair of fingerless mittens, but maybe enough for regular mittens (and I can always stripe it with other yarns). I feel the need to use up all of this yarn right away, I guess.

I won't be knitting this yarn up right away. It's 3.6 ozs, 215 yards of natural colored Shetland wool. It came out so uniformly (the 3 or 4 spots with slightly thicker plies notwithstanding), that I'm going to enter it in the skein competition at NCFF next month.

I've been spinning a loooong time, and very rarely does my yarn come out this pretty. I'm happy just to look at it for awhile (though eventually it'll become gloves. Or maybe a lace scarf). It won't win a prize, but at least it's worthy of entering.

(side note: the *centered text under images* glitch seems to have fixed itself. This morning, my text is justified left again)

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Mary Keenan said...

Did you see the cafe au lait mitts that KYFarmgirl made? I bet that cable would look gorgeous in your DF yarn!