Friday, August 6, 2010


All yarn, all the time... (or at least for this post anyway)

570 yards, 14.6 ozs, 2-ply, worsted weight handspun Corriedale, from Decadent Fibers. The Jelly Roll batt was a full pound, so I don't know where the missing bits went, but that's how it goes in spinning sometimes.

Same yarn, sort of artfully draped over a pot of petunias (for no reason, except that they were there and the morning light was pretty). I wound one of the hanks into a ball in order to participate in Mary's sock knit-along for her Ravelry group. I've been spinning (and writing, believe it or not, and sewing, which you will have no trouble believing), and not doing much knitting lately. In fact, the sock I cast on (a simple boot sock- my usual formula: size 5 needles, 48 sts- nothing fancy, I'm going to let the yarn do the talking in this project) is the only sock I have on the needles at the moment.

After I finished the Jelly Roll, I dug out this fiber, which I got from my friend Dana. I don't know the exact blend, but there is definitely alpaca in it, some mohair, a bit of wool, and some camel down (that's the brownish stuff you see). Dana raises camels, and I've met the fellow this stuff came from. It spun like butter, and  it's soft and shiny, and

finished. It spun up to 200 yds, 4.7ozs of a sportish-weight yarn. Enough for a nice cabled hat, I think. I also think the yarn is going to halo a bit, which will be lovely.

The light blue next to it came from Connie Wagenaar Henning's Colors by Nature's Studio. Connie raises sheep, and processes her own wool, and uses only natural dyes. I can't remember what she used to get this lovely pale blue-green, and I don't know what breed the wool is, but the 66 yards, 1.2 ozs, is soft and springy and gorgeous. It was in a bag with some other wool, a slightly more yellow-green which is going on the wheel next.

I know it seems counterintuitive to keep making yarn when my vow this year is to use up what I have on hand, but I'm also trying to put a dent in the fiber stash (not that my efforts show yet), so it's all good.
 I think.


Gnat said...

The yarn looks great!! Lovely pictures!

Janet said...

Interesting reading your past few blog entries. I haven't visited for a while. I'll come again.
Janet in Seattle