Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Bleh and more bleh

 Usually by mid-August, the temps are still in the stratosphere, but the air has started to dry out, and nights begin to cool off. Not this year- the dew points and humidity levels are astronomical (to the point where even being in the pool doesn't help: 92 degree water is like swimming in soup). It's very sticky and dull, and I am very sticky and dull. Which means lots of same old, same old. Witness:

More spinning. This is the last of the Wool With Bits from my friend Dana. 107 yds, 3.9 ozs, worsted weight.

The color difference between this hank and the previous (from the same bag) is subtle but visible. I'll have to keep that in mind when I use the yarn.

This Shetland roving is on the wheel now. I don't remember who I got it from, but I think it came from England.

I've been perfectly happy spinning worsted weight yarns lately, but this stuff wants to be thin. Maybe it'll end up being gloves.

I'm still working on knitting needle organization and storage. I'm finishing up another cloth roll-up case for DPNs, but that won't work for my circs, which are a jumbled mess. Frequent Blog Commenter Joanna mentioned that she keeps her circs in a 3-ring binder. I gave it a shot, and guess what?

It works just fine. Thanks for the suggestion, Joanna.

Otherwise- expect more of the same tomorrow. And forever. At least until the weather breaks.


Gnat said...

It's pretty hot and humid here in flordia too!! Right now it's 84 but feels like 92! UGH!

Your spinning is beautiful!!

Alane said...

I tried the 3-ring binder, too, but felt it got too fat. Now I have them in quart size ziplocks in a tool box my husband ended up not using. The top compartments are great for smaller tools: markers, darning needles, etc.