Thursday, August 26, 2010

Any Old Port in a storm

Note: Oops, I forgot it was Thursday. I'll post the Thursday Tab paper doll tomorrow. Sorry.

Remember the huge section of patchwork quilt top that I got at my friend Lorah's auction (the same one where I got the horse quilt)? Well, I decided to see how it would perform, cut up and sewn like regular fabric.

I'd say it performs just fine.

Inspired by my friend Mary, I bought a couple of old sheets at the Salvation Army store, and used one for the lining (though I didn't find any nice flowered sheets, just white and off-white- $1.50 for enough fabric to line 10 bags... not a bad bargain). This Old Port Carryall bag isn't quite as self-supporting as the first one I made from the Spoonflower What Knitting Needles? fabric, but that's because the outer shell isn't canvas. That said, it's sturdy, and pretty, and certainly practical. I especially like the bias pockets.

Speaking of Spoonflower (as I often do, these days)

My sample swatch of the primary colorway of the What Knitting Needles? camo fabric arrived. Once again, my reds turned into oranges.This looks fine, but it's not what I had in mind. I'm going to have to ask the Spoonflower folks for a formula for a red that prints true so I can use that in my designs. This fabric is available for ordering now, but be aware that the reds that show on the file won't print out red.


Mary Keenan said...

LOVE the bias pockets! what a cute quilt top, both before and after :^)

Polly said...

Kathleen,I just discovered your blog while researching Spoonflower ( I'm a new member there)

Gosh, you're so productive! Love everything you've been making - both sewn and spun :)

I too need to start spinning for winter socks etc. I always get the urge in November and then wish I'd started sooner.
You're an inspiration!

Always Me said...

That bag is great, I love brightly colored things. It reminds me of my first purse, I got it when I was 9 and treasured it till it fell to pieces 5 years later. Thank you for the news on Spoonflower, I have been planning get some fabric from them and this is important info. Thanks for your wonderful blog.