Friday, August 13, 2010

...whoa... knitting...

In between all the spinning, and swimming, and complaining about the heat, and writing (!), and the Farmer-y things I've been doing lately (picking and stuffing peppers, sun-drying tomatoes, keeping the flower beds marginally neat), I actually found some time to knit. You know, with yarn and pointy sticks... I haven't done a lot of that in the last month, and it was nice to get back to it.

And what am I knitting? Take a wild guess...

Did you guess right?
This is a cold-weather clog/boot sock, knit from the Decadent Fibers Jelly Roll that I finished spinning a couple of weeks ago. I'm using a very simple waffle texture (4 rnds K, 2 rnds K2 P2) which showcases the color variations in the yarn nicely. Now whether the mate will have the same sort of spacing between the "stripes" is anyone's guess. (My guess: no, it won't, in part because I'll have to wind and use another hank of yarn to finish Sock #2, and it's bound to have a different sort of rhythm in the colorway). I'm using my general worsted weight sock pattern: 48 sts, size 5 needles. I decided to do a flap and gusset heel in order to run the texture down to the foot. I rather like the effect (the yarn is too heavy for the normal slip stitch heel flap construction), especially for clogs (which I wear most of the winter).

These are the socks that I am knititng for Mary's Ravelry August Sock Knit-Along. In the old days (say, a month ago), I could have whipped a pair of socks out in 2 days, max. But these days, what with all the grandkids around and splashing and other distractions (not to mention the Fearless Fair Isle galley pages that are waiting for my attention), I will be lucky to finish these in time, which means I might just want to shut the computer down and go knit.

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maxine said...

Kathleen, I just had a thought about your text being centered after an image dilemma. When you are posting, try the edit html tab on the posting window. I viewed the source code and after the image but before the text that follows, there is a tag that has text alligned center. you need to just change the word center to read left and that should fix it. Why I am thinking about this today and not when you were originally put out about it, I don't know... Hope you have a grand weekend!