Wednesday, August 11, 2010

The case is closed. Mostly.

I still have some shorter straights in larger sizes, and some 10" and 12" dpns in a bunch of sizes that need some sort of organization. But the yard-lengths from this original-design Spoonflower fabric order have all been used up (I still have some 8" x 8" swatches from the other variations on the Knit 2 Together theme to do *something* with), and for the most part, my knitting needles have been neatly sorted,
This case holds 7" and 8" dpns (as opposed to the 6" sock dpns). There are a couple of gaps in the sequence (no 7" -3.0mm needles, for instance), and some odd duplications (I hardly ever use Size 4 needles, and yet I have about 5 sets of dpns in that size). I remembered to make the right-hand side pockets wider for the size 9-13 needles this time.

Between these four roll-up cases, and the three notebook binders, I should be able to lay my hands on whatever size needles I need, whenever I need them.

That is, of course, if I don't forget where I put them away.

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joannamauselina said...

wow! I'm envious of all that organization. The needle cases are great. If only I could get my sewing area-to-be organized.