Monday, August 9, 2010

Tomatoes, yarn, doll clothes

It was really really thick and sticky yesterday, so the tomatoes didn't dry down as much as I hoped they would. I could have put them in the oven for awhile to finish the process, but I didn't want to heat up the house, and I was afraid to leave them out in the humid air any longer because they might get moldy.
So I bagged them in pizza-topping portions for the freezer. And oh my, the flavor... like concentrated tomato essense. I have another big bowl full of ripe tomatoes that I'll slice up today, and start the process again.
I finished spinning the yellow-green yarn (108 yds, 2.1 ozs). It's hanging next to the blue-green that was in the same fiber bundle. Both came from Color by Nature's Studio, and are naturally dyed.
Next on the wheel was this fiber, from my friend Dana. It's all wool, with little nubs and bits and threads and bits of sparkle, and streaks of dyed wool here and there.
The darker half (another bag with two shades in one bundle) spun up to 128 yards and 3.8 ozs
with lots of pretty little splashes of color. I'm done spinning the lighter portion and just have to ply it tonight.

Frog Girl has been visiting, and yesterday she worked on her fat quarter Cut, Color 'n Sew outfit for her 18" doll (my design from Spoonflower).
I love what she's doing with the fabric. It's going to make a great doll outfit.

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