Monday, August 2, 2010

What needles?

This week's Spoonflower design contest is for camouflage fabrics. I had a fun idea:
It's called "What knitting needles?"

I'm getting better with Adobe Illustrator- this is my first seamless fabric repeat (without obvious divisions between the motifs). I started out with a solid background, and then I added earth-tone rectangles on the edges, lined up (for the seamless repeat), and ellipses in the middle. After that, I used a couple of the AI tools to push and pull the shapes all camo-like, and then I added assorted knitting needles (also arranged off the edges for a seamless repeat). I love how it came out, so I ordered a full yard (58" x 36") of the canvas twill fabric for bags, and maybe an apron.

Speaking of knitting needles, I played a bit with the yard of green Knit 2 Together quilting weight cotton this weekend, and made
A sock needle holder,
which came out just fine
except that the ties are a bit long, and I might make the next one just a tinch wider (the two outside pockets are not quite 1" wide- I forgot to take the side seam into consideration when I cut them out). It's an original pattern, so I'll probably post the instructions here soonish. I'm going to make a straight needle holder as well, and probably one for longer dpns (the above case is specifically designed for the 6" sock needles). I might be able to get all three projects from the single yard of fabric, but if not, I have a yard of the peach colorway too.

And here's something for all those soon-to-be carefully stored needles.
422 yards, 10.12 ozs, 2 ply, definitely worsted weight yarn from the hand-dyed Decadent Fibers Jelly Roll. I have probably 1/3-1/4 of the batt left to spin. This yarn is crying out to be heavy, winter socks (maybe even long boot socks, since there will be plenty of yarn), and I am just the person to oblige.


Mary Keenan said...

Love the fabric designs, especially made up into needle holders, and LOVE the squishiness of the handspun!! Can't wait to see those socks ;^)

Kathleen Taylor said...

I hardly ever spin squooshy yarn- I wish I knew how I did it, because I like it a lot too (I think it has something to do with the fiber itself- my usual yarn is hard and tight, with a lot of twist, this is definitely softer)

Nancy said...

I like the "What knitting needles?" design, but would prefer it in bright, mostly primary colors. Can Spoonflower customize the colors for me or would I have to beg the designer to oblige? Pretty, please?

Kathleen Taylor said...

Nancy- check out 8-2-10's blog post. If those colors work for you, I'll order a sample to make sure the colors run true (they don't always).