Monday, February 21, 2011

AI Season 10- Thursday 02-17-11, Hollywood Week #3

You know what- 4 hours of American Idol (and the accompanying recapping) in one day, is a lot of American Idol. On the other hand, I am caught up again, and looking forward to Wednesday's episode.

But back to the Feb. 16 episode- it's Solo Night, and Ryan promises more drama. Oh boy!

JLo is wearing a lime green, long-sleeved, knit top, and black sparkly shorts. Her hair a combo of upswept and down, and it looks the kind of messy-good that costs a whole lot of money to achieve.
Tyler is wearing a black and white print shirt, and Randy is wearing a black and white harlequin-diamond sweater.

First up is Hayley Reinhart. She's blonde, and is wearing a cute little black dress. She's singing God Bless the Child with perhaps a tinch too much growl, but it's still good.

Ashthon Jones has elevated the bosoms in a really great, slinky red dress. She's singing And I Am Telling You, and she definitely has the voice for it.

Thia Megia is 15, and she's wearing a cool, colorful sweater (intarsia, I think). She's singing Wonderful World. I have never much liked her voice, and I still don't.

Adrian Michael, Caleb Johnson, and Frances Coontz sing in quick succession, and only Frances makes an impression. A really bad impression.

Clint Jun Gamboa sings Georgia skillfully, but with way too much embroidery. Then a whole string of girls also sing Georgia, and I like all of their versions much better than Clint's.

Carson Dixon and Chris Medina both sing My Prerogative. Carson does it Bobby Brown-ly, and Chris gives it a folky/accoustic turn. The audience likes Carson's version better.

Julie Zorilla sings that Write You a Love Song song, at the keyboard. Caleb Hawley plays a guitar. Colton Dixon and Robbie Rosen both play the keyboard. Brett Lowenstern plays guitar. I didn't write down anything about the songs they sang, but they were all at least okay.

Casey Abrams comes out with a bass, and since he does something completely different every time he performs, I am excited to see what he's going to do. He starts out strumming the bass, and then segues into Georgia. But it's not just Georgia, it's the best, most amazing version of Georgia that I've ever heard (and that includes Ray Charles and Taylor Hicks). This is flat out fantastic! He gets a Standing O from the audience, and I rewind the DVR and listen to it again.

Jacqueline Dunford, she of the ever-smiling, eliminated boyfriend, withdraws from the competition for health reasons, which disturbs Chelsee Oaks (whose name I have misspelled consistently throughout). Chelsee is upset that Jacqueline is gone, and declares that J is her best friend, which I find a little confusing. Chelsea starts out weakly, but she builds as she sings, though there are lots of bad notes.

Lauren Alaina continues her habit of shamelessly playing to Steven Tyler. It's getting old.

Jacob Lusk sings God Bless the Child. He has a great voice, but he's Gimmicking up every single note- throwing in voices and sound effects, and for all I know, animal noises. It's exhausting. The Judges give him a Standing O. Jacob leaves the room and collapses into the arms of his Mama and Nana. I suspect that Jacob is given to dramatic overreaction.

Pretty pretty cowboy, John Wayne Schultz sings a pretty pretty country song with his pretty pretty country voice and his guitar.

Ashley Sullivan is manic- excited to sing some Michael Buble song a Capella for her boyfriend. She starts out shaky but sounding okay, and then, with no warning at all, she disintegrates. It's just as well that she does this now, because she is obviously not stable enough to survive the AI wringer.

Stefano Langone skips all over the stage to Stevie Wonder's All Over. Jovany Baretto sings something a Capella. Jacee Badeaux sings- he's a sweet kid, but he's not ready for this. Give him a couple of years (and a voice change) and let him try again.

Scotty McCreery forgets his lyrics, and actually sings the words *nuts of wonder*, but he's pragmatic about the screwup. Tatynisa Wilson also messes up her words, but she isn't nearly as calm about it.

So, the 100 have performed, and now they're being divided into four rooms.

Room 1 has Ashley, Jacee, Brett, Lauren and Junebug. Based on them alone, I would say that this room was heading home. But it also has Chris Medina, Robbie, James Durbin and Casey Abrams. They're moving on. I'm not happy that the show is putting Ashley through more of this.

Room 2 is filled with people I don't recognize. Randy gives them a very nice pep talk before they're sent packing.

Room 3 has Chelsee, Other Guitierrez Brother, and Frances Coontz. They're also gone.

Which leaves Room 4, including Theia, Julie, Carson, Jovany, Scotty, John Wayne Schultz, and a Big Girl we've caught glimpses of but have heard nary a note of singing. I hope we get to hear her soon.

Speaking of which- next week is Las Vegas, and The Beatles, and winnowing the group to the Top 24. Woohoo!

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