Friday, February 11, 2011

On Air

 I couldn't get the shawl draped as nicely as the ladies did last night, but still, it looks okay. We can see the dragons and it's not all bunchy up around my neck (which is what happened every other time I tried to wear it). It looks pretty cool, if I say so myself. (and in case you didn't know, this is the Dragonride shawl, which is in Fearless Fair Isle Knitting).
Anyway, I did my interview with Shawn and Nancy on the KSFY early show, and it went very well, which is always how it goes when Nancy interviews me (we've done tons of them, and she's not just a hoot, she's a total pro and very good at her job), and it was great meeting Shawn. I love watching the background action on a TV show- it's fascinating. If I ever write about Tory again, you can be sure that she'll visit a TV studio. In the meantime, if the station puts the interview online, I'll post the link (not that I want to watch it- the major advantage to doing live TV is not having to watch or listen to yourself).

We were in and out, and now we're just waiting until it's time to head to the airport. I'll check in from SoCal- I hear that there is no snow there!

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Diana Troldahl said...

You looked great. I told you that shawl was the main reason I bought Fearless Fairisle, right?
(My book should arrive soon, it is on it's way)