Thursday, February 10, 2011

Thursday Tab- Whitman Slumber Party, 1964

Our wonderful Paper Doll Friend Lorie has shared another wonderful paper doll! What would we do without her? This is Whitman's Slumber Party, from 1964. Lorie has the uncut covers and dolls, and also the cut set. This artist did a lot of sets for Whitman, I think. Thanks Lorie!


Diana Troldahl said...

Love the 'spit curls' :-}
Makes remember those pink and greenyblue jars full of sparkly Dippity-Do

ines said...

hello, Kathleen, i'm a portuguese paper doll lover, and this ones are one of my favorites. did you know that there is another version of slumber party whith younger girls? and also i would very much like to know if you have the whitman litlle dancers or ballerinas that have wendy from wendy's wardrobe but vi think in this other set she's called claire... thank you so much for charing.

Kathleen Taylor said...

ines: The Balerina set will be uploaded soon. I'm so glad you like the paper dolls!