Thursday, February 24, 2011

Thursday Tab- Whitman #1962 Ballet Cut-Outs, 1964

Paper Doll Friend Lorie has come through again, with a wonderful ballet set from Whitman, that I'd never seen before. Ballet Cut-Outs, from 1964, has 5 dolls, and outfits for 5 ballets, as well as other clothes. They're all wonderfully drawn, and I would have loved this set, even though I was officially *too old* for paper dolls by the time it was published (luckily, I now know that there is no such thing).

Eagle-eyed long-timers will recognize the Anne doll in this set, as Wendy from Wendy's Wardrobe, which I posted way back in '08. I did have Wendy's Wardrobe. In fact, I had multiple copies of WW because I loved making the clothes so very much.

Thanks again for sharing, Lorie!


Jan said...

Thank you Kathleen and Lorie once again.

Anonymous said...

Ms. Taylor - Thank you so much for this. I had this exact set of paper dolls in the '60's - more than once. I so loved them, and played with them 'til they fell apart or got thrown away by my mother (for not putting them away, probably). Over the years, I have remembered them fondly, and it is a pleasure to be able to look at these 5 girls again, and their costumes. ~ Mo

ines said...

Thank you Thank you!
So much!

Anonymous said...

How much is this worth i have that one of the picture shown with all the peices.

Kathleen Taylor said...

I don't have any idea what any of the paper dolls are worth. I just collect them (and sometimes the scans are shared by friends, so they're not in my personal collection).

Susie Whittles said...

How amazing to see this again, I like some of your other readers played with these dolls and loved them so much. Wonderful memories
Thanks Susie