Friday, February 4, 2011

More stitchin'

You know how I said that sometimes, it's not necessary to spend the extra money, and wait the extra time, for Spoonflower fabrics?

Well, sometimes it is.

This set is for my sister's birthday.
 Can you guess her name?

I'm safe posting these here because she never reads the blog (and I'm mailing them in a day or so anyway, because her birthday will come while we're in SoCal).

That is the 11th pair of Pitter Patters slippers I've made. I am so over the slippers. Unfortunately,I have one more pair to put together. Then I'm done with them. For real. And, for the time being, I'm done sewing. The machine is put away, and the rotary cutter stored, and all the pins picked up off the floor. At least until after we get back from California, and maybe not then either, because I have another trip shortly after that, and there won't be time for sewing.
But first, we have to get out of South Dakota. I've been watching the long-range weather forecasts, and so far, it looks like our departure date coincides with a window of mild (for here) weather. We'll keep our fingers crossed, because this is the view from my office. Those drifts are 4-7' deep. It's a whole lotta snow. A whole lotta snow that can, and will, move around if the wind comes up. It doesn't matter what the groundhog saw, spring isn't showing her face around here for a loooong time.

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