Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Stitchin' and remarkably little bitchin'

It got plenty cold here last night, but not as cold as was predicted. We didn't get to -30 (F, air temp), so I couldn't try the Magic Water Trick. But here's a sample, from Minnesota:

We only got to -24, which isn't cold enough. Darn.

Inside, where it's nice and warm, I've been sewing.
These are not Spoonflower fabrics, mostly because I didn't have time to design anything specific for this recipient, and also because there are lovely, commercially produced, coffee-themed fabrics, that cost far less than $16 per yard (I love Spoonflower dearly, but if there's no reason to wait 10 days and pay extra, then there's really no reason to wait 10 days and pay extra).

 I have to admit that the bloom is off the slipper rose- I'm fairly bored with sewing them. However, they are so adorable, and I do have a few more gift-pairs to sew. The little flat bag is a new notion- a sort of variation of the larger fabric box bag. I like how it came out.
 Just in case you couldn't see the print in the other pics- the light fabric is covered with Coffee Words, all in Courier, it looks like.
And I've been knitting. Here's the Noro Mitered Square hat.

This one might almost be masculine enough for a Guy. Maybe. What do you think?

At any rate, my cold is better, and my house is warm, and I'm enjoying this bit of time off, so I'm not complaining about much of anything today. I'd better enjoy that while it lasts.

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Fríða said...

the hat is definitely fine for a guy. and what a wonderful gift you have made, I sure wouldn´t mind being on your gift list.
best wishes from Iceland