Saturday, February 26, 2011

Bits 'n Pieces

It's been a long time since I wrote a post just about the knitting I've been doing. It's nice to get back to the  normal routine, which won't last, since I'm leaving again, in a week, for the Pacific Northwest this time.

But in the meantime,
 I finished this leftover hat on the way to Sioux Falls, before we left for California. It's all Noro and  Boku, with a little bit of the Noro/Angora blend in there, so it's fuzzy. These hats are so quick-to-knit, and they fit so well into my Stash Busting Routine.
 I finished the Araucania boot socks, knitted from the yarn I bought (woohoo for appearances- the only time I can buy yarn!) at Loop & Leaf in Santa Barbara. I worked a very easy waffle texture, which plays off the tweedy colorway very well.
 I'm keeping these for myself- a souvenir of my trip! (and the wonderful folks at Loop & Leaf)
 This yarn isn't leftover, though it is from the stash. It's Opal Harry Potter themed yarn, which is no longer being produced. I bought it at Expressions in Watertown, SD, when I was doing a signing for I Heart Felt. This colorway is called Dumbledore, though I can't imagine why. Nothing about the combination of colors suggests Dumbledore to me- I would have expected blacks, browns, greys, and maybe some electric yellow, though I can't tell you why I think that. In any case, it's lovely yarn, and these are going in the BToKT for Christmas (I know who's getting them already).

In the Very Cool Section: reader Chris knitted this felted bear (from Knit One, Felt Too) for a friend who has a new baby on the way! Thanks for sharing, Chris!

And in the Blatant Self Promotion Section, look what I found on Amazon this morning!

And cooler yet? The #1  book on the Fashion list is 101 Sock Yarn Wonders. I'm in that one too!!!

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Mary Keenan said...

Go Kathi go! You have totally earned those socks for yourself that great rating on Amazon :^)