Saturday, February 12, 2011

SoCal- Day 2

I learned this morning, that being in California doesn't magically restore physical fitness (as in: if you were sick for two months, and then have only done treadmill workouts for another two months, you will not be able to run three hilly miles just because you could last September. But you can run some, and walk some, and have a lovely chat with your wonderful daughter-in-law, who is a marathon runner).

After the morning *workout* (yes, I'm being sarcastic, though I did work up a sweat), we went to Ventura so the kids could participate in a Lowe's Build and Grow Project, which is a wonderful program where Lowe's puts on workshops for kids to build things. It's a fantastic notion, and the Grands built wooden Valentine music boxes. I need to write to Lowe's and tell them how much I appreciate this program.

After the lumberyard excursion, Elder Son and Wife surprised us with a boat tour of Channel Islands Harbor, complete with a picnic lunch and mimosas. The weather was perfect, the boat was lovely, the lunch was delicious, and the orange juice was hand-squeezed.

 We saw tall ships. (the odd shadows in the shot are from taking the picture through the plastic boat window)
 and not so tall ships. We putted around for 2 hours and it was fantastic- relaxing and beautiful, and a wonderful way to celebrate our 40th Anniversary, which is next Friday.
Once we were back on dry land, we drove over to Oxnard and spent some time on the beautiful beach there. I love the roar of the surf, and the sun was so warm and the sand was so soft, and The Grands got good and wet (and still: no snow).
And the water is every bit as chilly as it is up on the Oregon Coast.

Tomorrow, I think we're doing something called a Waterfall Hike. I don't think I need to worry about running... I'm going to get plenty of exercise.

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Diana Troldahl said...

Lovely photos :-}
My husband is a huge fan of tall ships. We have talked about visiting friends in So. Cal, I'll add that destination to the list!
The warmth sounds good, too, although we went from -16 windchill last week to an expected 40 degrees tomorrow :-} Michigan Spring can't be too far off.