Sunday, November 11, 2007

Definitely October Lights

Or maybe even November. But fall for sure. I love how this tam is coming out, though that first chart was fairly difficult (I made a couple of mistakes that I will have to duplicate stitch to fix- you can see one on the far left *x* on the bottom row)(and I didn't see it until I was much further along- too far to rip)(yes, I will live with this mistake because it's not going to show after I embroider it). The problem was the chart with all those symbols (that's what I get for taking a pattern that calls for 8 yarns and only using 2). I'm about halfway done with the decreases already, and will probably finish the hat tonight. I do wonder how it's giong to block, or if it will hold that tammy shape since the yarn is superwash. We'll see.


N. Maria said...

The colors are definitely fall colors and look very "married" together. I love fair isle knitting ~ just have to get better at it.

Kathleen Taylor said...

It just takes practice- my first Fair Isle pieces weren't very photogenic, but I kept at it. I think stranded colorwork is my favorite kind of knitting now.