Friday, November 30, 2007

Freebie Friday- Abree's Knot, Stranded Tam

Confession time: I don't swatch for the Freebie Patterns. Most of them are small enough that by the time I got done with a swatch, I'd nearly have the item finished. And often these projects are actual swatches for larger patterns- either I'm testing out yarn, stitch patterns, pattern sizes, or some combo of those for more *official* patterns. Most of the time, they come out exactly as I envisioned.
Most of the time.
This time, I wanted to do a stranded child-size tam (I needed another for a small friend's Christmas present), and I already knew the gauge, general pattern measurements and I had a chart that I was itching to try. So I chose a pair of leftover sock yarns from the stash- a Confetti Self-Patterning, and Knit Picks Essential in the solid burgundy (I didn't have enough black yarn, which was my first choice). As you can see, the colors contrasted highly, which is the most important issue when pairing self-patterning yarns with solid yarns for stranded knitting. I thought there would be enough contrast for the patterning to show well.
I was wrong.

I love this tam pattern, but I sure wish that intricate knot pattern showed up better. If I knit it again, I'll use either black or white as the MC. Or I'll use 2 solid colors.
Anyway, enjoy.
Click on pattern page to enlarge, right click to save as a jpg. Print from any graphics program.

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