Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Earn More Sessions by Sleeving

Yeah, I love Roxanne.
Believe it or not, the gold/red portions of this design are easier to knit than the green/white scroll borders. I don't know why- but the gold/red goes so much more quickly, even though I'm increasing the whole shebang by 4 sts every 3 rnds. It helps that I was able to put the sleeves on the 24" circular needle. I really dislike knitting with 16" circulars- there's just not enough wiggle room (and yes, I know I could use a looooong circular, the same way people do with socks, but I don't have a loooooong circular in that size, and I don't want to deal with all that extra loopage every round). Before I'm done, the tandem sleeves will have more stitches than the body of the sweater, and I'll be using a 32" circular, but I have to knit about 8" more before I get to that point.

At any rate, the sleeves are coming along swimmingly, and I'll keep chugging along until the UPS truck arrives with yarn for sock book reknits (which should get here around lunch today).

Olympic Question of the Day: Who knew that trampoline jumping could be so breathtaking?

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Kyoko said...

The knitting looks gorgeous! I see what you mean. Certain yarns or colours make you knit faster. Great work!