Monday, August 18, 2008

What's the Word?

...for finishing objects? Finishitis is what we use for starting projects but not getting them done. But lately, I've been getting things off the needles in a pretty amazing fashion. We took a short road trip yesterday, so I finished the Twisted (dyer) Kabam (wool/bamboo) Giles (colorway) ankle socks. This yarn is soft and shiny and drapey but still has a fantastic stitch definition, and the dye job, as with all Twisted dye jobs, has perfect color saturation (you may note that the toes don't match, but this is wonderfully hand-dyed yarn, no one expects exact matches in the stripes). The socks came out very well, with the picot hem and the little bit of texture that adds visual interest (super easy: Rnd 1: *K 2 tog, YO*, Rnds 2-5: K) without fighting with the striping.

And I am making progress on Gen's Graduation sweater. I am past the flower border on the sleeves (knitting both at once), and am nearly to the medallion portion. Only 15 1/2" to go, and I will be done with this project too! (though not as quickly as I'd hoped- the sock reknit yarn will probably arrive today). Note the adorable little stitch markers- I got them from Girl on the Rocks (link in Stash Enhancers). I think I need some more.

Olympic Question of the Day: What is up with that little hair bump where the gymnastics girls bangs are pinned back? They're all doing it, so it has to be on purpose, but for the life of me, I can't figure out why they think a hair tumor is attractive.


Karen said...

Finishitis is a great word for it -- I will rub up against you to get some of your awesome. Maybe then I'll get these darn socks off the needles!

Allison said...

My term is the "bottomless pit". I have knitting ADHD, and have to force myself to finish one project before beginning another.

Question: Do socks that have a picot edge instead of ribbing stay up as well?