Monday, August 25, 2008



I went out to take a picture of the crab apple tree yesterday because this year's crop is the biggest that poor little tree has produced in 24 years. Then I looked down at the ground.

So my granddaughter and I picked up a sack full of crab apples (they're bigger than usual- I think that the root stock took over from the graft, actually, because they're also tastier), and I washed, chopped and simmered them to extract the juice. I also remembered why people invented juice presses.

I let the rest of the solids settle overnight in the fridge. I have some out of town things to do this morning, but this afternoon, I may make Crab Apple Jelly. I have enough juice for 2 batches- one plain, and one cinnamon.


Last Olympic Comment: As gorgeous and stirring as the Opening Ceremonies were, that's how screechy and awful the Closing Ceremony was, though the human torch was cool.


Karen said...

Crabapple jelly was the one thing I actually learned how to make in Grade 7 Home Ec...mine was pretty awful, but I bet yours won't be! And I love the image of you and your granddaughter picking up a sack of crabapples! So sweet.

Brandy said...

Is the graduation sweater going to be entered in NCFF? I'd really like to take a close-up look at the steeking.

Kathleen Taylor said...

karen- I haven't made crabapple jelly for quite awhile, but it should turn out okay, though my jellies are often tough. But they taste good (and as little *real* jam as I eat lately, it'll taste more than good).

brandy- if I finish the graduation sweater, I'll enter it (I'm hoping to finish). But if not, I'll bring it along to show it off anyway. So you should get a chance to take a peek.

gilraen said...

What a wonderful harvest!!! I like your plans for the fruit! :)