Wednesday, August 6, 2008

I Am Not a Yarn Snob

In fact, I get a little annoyed when knitters make that *ick, acrylic* face around me. But I don't knit with acrylics much, except maybe when I'm in novelty-eyelash-scarf mode. I just prefer the feel of animal fibers (and have never really liked knitting with cotton), without assuming that my preference is a proof of superiority.

But I have a granddaughter who, from a very early age, has been extremely and consistently picky about socks. Long before she knew what a seam was, she would cry and tug at her store-bought socks because the seam bothered her toes. I was delighted to knit her pair after pair of seamless socks, but she wouldn't wear them either- always saying (once she got old enough to articulate the thought) that they were itchy, even when made of 100% merino.

She's 7 now, and loves to look at my yarns, and she often claims skeins for projects for herself, but since she is reluctant to wear what I knit if it itches at all, I haven't made much for her lately. I think I may have found a compromise- acrylic sock yarn. I found some Cervinia Amalfi yarn from Italy (the yarn is from Italy, the seller was in the US) in one of her favorite shades. I'm going to try a pair of lace socks with this yarn (it looks and feels soft, without that *squeaky-ness* that acrylic sometimes has) and see if she'll wear them (without telling her that there is no wool- just in case the aversion is psychological and not physical).

On the Mitered-Square-Leftover Socks, I'm past the cuff and down on the instep. I have 4 rows of 3 squares to do, and then the sole, toes and ribbings. These have been fun to do, though totally fiddly. I was very careful to make sure that the squares matched on the cuffs but I forgot to make them mirror images. The socks will still match, but one seam will be on the outside of the foot, and the other will be on the inside. Oh well.

And I started spinning Ianto, which is hand-painted Finn roving from Yummy Yarns. It's coming out beautifully. I need to have my bobbins clear for Friday, and the beginning of Ravelympics (and that other sporty thing that's happening in China), so I may not get all 4 ounces spun and plied without interruption. I'm not trying to match the beautiful deep purples and blacks or anything, I'll just let the patterning happen however it happens.

I finished spinning/plying the rainbow-dyed Shetland from Winderwood Farms. It's a 3-ply and a light sport weight. I ended up with 220 yds, and lord help me, I think I'm going to knit gloves with it.
I never learn.

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