Monday, October 4, 2010

Back to Work

The Reunion Weekend went very well indeed- at our age, it's worth celebrating the fact that so many are still here. The Hub had a good time, and I did as well (I've known many of these people for nearly 40 years, so it's Old Home Weekend for me too, even though I'm not an alum). The GrandGirls are heading back home tonight, after a lovely and very busy 5 day visit, which means it's time to buckle down.

SAFF is barreling down on me- I'm leaving in just over two weeks because I'm doing my touristy things  (2 days to explore Biltmore House, and Leaf Peep) before the festival this year. I'll be meeting Sister #2 (#3 and #4 couldn't make it), and we're going to spend six days together. I am very excited. I am also not ready - I have one more workshop to prep, and I need to get that done so I can send all of my supplies, handouts, and materials ahead (I'm not trusting this stuff to the airline- at least if the PO loses it, I can print again in time). That's today's job.

In the meantime, here's the progress on the hooked seat cushion.
I'm amazed at how heavy this is- There must be 8ozs of handspun yarn in it so far. It's going to be a very comfy, and sturdy cushion. Note that I removed the outermost edges of the tree trunk (wahoo for no knots). It looks much better this way.

And here's a bit of pretty.

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