Wednesday, December 14, 2011

The BT'oKT

Well, it's time to dig into the Big Tub 'O Knitted Things, and get them ready for distribution.

I think at least eight pairs of socks will go to new homes, and easily fifteen hats, including these two new ones:
 This hat was knitted from leftover Opal Harry Potter yarn (I think this was the Dumbledore colorway). I had just enough to make a nice, adult-sized hat.
This one is made up of leftover bits and bobs. It's smaller, for a younger person. I like how it came out as well.

I have another hat on the needles now, though it's not going to anyone specific. Yet.
 These hats are going in the mail tomorrow. The white one was a special request, and I still need to crochet a floppy flower for it. That's tonight's goal.
These socks all stay in the general vicinity, but they need wrapping. The fun part is choosing who gets which pair (though a few are size-specific and were knitted with certain persons in mind). The fact that nearly all of these socks and hats were made from leftover yarns tells you #1 that my stash was/is obscene, and #2 they were all *free* (and yes, I know that my time is worth something, but using up the leftover bits of yarn makes me feel virtuous and thrifty).

On another note altogether- take a peek at the hit counter at the lower right of the main blog page. I am awed and honored that you all put up with my blather, and (evidently) keep coming back for more. Thank you, each and every one!

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maxine said...

Do we all get a hat or socks?

Honestly, it's my pleasure to be your reader!