Sunday, December 11, 2011

Wordless, except, you know, for the words

 We bought this glass tree topper for our first Christmas together. It was 1971. We were 18. It's been on every tree since. Why didn't we choose a different color? Surely, there were gold tree toppers in 1971. Or Silver. Or White.
 My friend Melanie gave me this Martini Mermaid. She always goes front and center. (Side Note: Hipstamatic takes cool phone pics, no?)

 From my Folk Art Carving stage.



Melissa ~ twoknitwit said...

your 'folk art carving stage'

does that mean you made those Santa faces???

wonderful! and your tree is very pretty!


Kathleen Taylor said...

Yeah- I went through a wood-carving phase in the early 90's. I think these Santas are the closest to *ART* that I've ever produced.

joannamauselina said...

It looks fabulous! Love the mermaid!

ct. said...

"the closest to art" . .. ... whatever!