Monday, December 5, 2011

Tis the season...

Despite the fact that it is December, and we now have snow on the ground (probably will have until April), I do not have my Christmas tree up yet. Nor are the hand-carved Santas set out, or the cool metal Santa and Sleigh Rocker, or the little Santa vase that I stock with candy canes. And while my Christmas letter is printed, I have not even designed the cards yet, much less printed, cut, signed, enveloped and sent them.

But even though I'm a slacker, I know it's Holiday Time.
How, you ask?
Because the lighted wagon wheel is up and in the window of Terry's Steak House.
 The bearskin is lit year round (and yes, it's a real bear skin, and we knew the guy who shot it), but the wagon wheel only comes out in December. It may stay up until Valentine's Day, but its appearance is the signal that The Holidays Are Near.
 Terry's goes all out for their holiday decor. It's actually very pretty.
I love the hat and scarf on the Tundra Swan. Festive, don't you think?

For those who are wondering, Terry's (which is our favorite local hangout- it's the kind of place where they know our *usual*  without being told) is not actually in Delphi. But surely, it's Delphi-Adjacent.

P.S. It's not always empty- we ate an early supper the other night and had the place to ourselves.

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