Monday, December 19, 2011


Don't tell the girls, but I found some extremely cool boots for their American Girl dolls...
 You may remember that one girl collects Ladybugs, and another collects Bees. The third collects frogs, for which there seems to be no doll-sized boots, but I think she'll be enchanted with the Camo Hiking Boots. BTW, I got the bug boots from A Girl's Treasure, and the Camo boots from eBay.

And while I'd rather set my feet on fire than wear Crocs, these dollie shoes are pretty darn adorable. I found them on eBay as well.

 Over the last few months, I've been gathering charms to match the girls's totems. On Saturday, I sat down for a few hours with jump rings and pliers to assemble the goodies. Each one gets an American Girl necklace, plus...
A necklace for herself (Turtle, Ladybug, Bee, Book, Frog) and earrings. The charm bracelet on the right is for Mom, with each of her girls' totems. And in case you're keeping track, Turtle Girl is not a new member of my extended family, but she now lives nearby, which is wonderful.

All of the above are wrapped and waiting under the tree (and no, the girls don't read my blog) (I hope). We're celebrating a delayed Christmas with Voracious Reader in late January, so she'll get her goodies then.


Melissa ~ twoknitwit said...

I tried to hit the American Girl Doll store this morning (my first time ever) but shockingly they don't open til 10:00 (2 hrs after the rest of the mall opens)

I was looking for shoes for my knitted doll, Zoe

I'm half glad they weren't open!!! shopping is a nightmare for me, especially this time of year!

happy holidays!

joannamauselina said...

Crocs changed my life. As a nurse, my feet were always killing me two hours before my shift was done. When I started wearing Crocs ----- no more sore feet, and now I walk a couple of miles home rather than take the bus. They are wonderful for the sore of foot!

PS I gave myself a GI bleed, taking so many aspirins for my sore feet. No more!