Monday, April 16, 2012

I didn't even know I was looking for Droids

But I found 'em...
 I can't remember where I saw a mention of this book, but once I clicked through, I was hooked.
 I mean, look at it- a crocheted R2D2 beanie, a Chewbacca tissue box cover, Yoda finger puppets... Who could resist it? I didn't even try (besides which, I paid a bundle for Amazon Prime so I might as well use it- not only do I get free streaming video, I get free shipping on paper books and products too... and generally a reduced price).
 The best thing about this craft book is that the crafts are ones that not only will appeal to kids, but look like they can be done by them as well. So many craft books are sterile and beautiful, with every single element perfectly placed and photographed (there's not a thing wrong with that- I hope my knitting books are beautiful too...). This book looks like some kids had an absolutely fantastic time playing with all of the projects- which is not to say that anything looks sloppy or slapdash, just that children can actually make these adorable things with a minimum of adult help. Not that I won't be right there with them, when this book travels to SoCal next time we go.
Who could resist this?

Not me...

(you know it's in your head, you might as well hear it with your ears...)

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