Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Weaving Retreat #3- The Rest

It's amazing how much time I have for picture taking when I don't teach...

Anyway, here's the rest of Saturday...(and again, sorry that some of the pics are less than wonderful- it's the photographer, not the camera).

 Here's where we were- a wonderful big old building at a Youth Camp. The morning started out beautiful and clear, but by evening, it was sprinkling and dreary. Outside that is, inside it was wonderful.
 I went up into the loft to get a shot of the spinning circle below. Look at all those spinning wheels!
 The longer shot shows the tables, more looms, and the kitchen.
 Sara gave a presentation on the history of women in Fiber Arts.
 While she spoke, I finished spinning a little batt of wool and silk and sparkle. In this crowd, it is not considered rude to spin and listen at the same time.
 Here's a shot I should have included yesterday- Connie taking warp off the warping board, as Jill watches.
 And another one I overlooked yesterday- Marie and Lyla warping a rigid heddle loom.
 Kelley did some organic dyeing. Look at those wonderful colors!
 Betty showed off a few of her little weave-it squares. Most were made from handspun yarn. She makes the most adorable flowers with these squares.
I won a Nostipinne as a door prize. It was made by  woodcrafter David Lindquist. Don't know what a Nostipinne is? It's a device for winding a center pull yarn ball, like so. I have always wound my center pull balls with a ball-winder or by hand- it will be lovely to have this tool at my disposal.

Next year, I hope to stay the whole weekend, or at least overnight. I missed out on the evening shenanigans (pajamas and wine... woohoo!)

For another take on the Weaving Weekend, check out Connie P's blog. She stayed the whole weekend, and her pictures are much better than mine!


Connie Peterson said...

I just had a good camera and, of course, having the whole weekend helps. I never thought to go up and get a bird's eye view. That is really great.

GardenOfDaisies said...

What an amazing weekend you had! I love the yarn you spun!