Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Me Tube

I belong to a group on Facebook that is doing Fat Mum Slim's Photo a Day Challenge. The theme for Day 25 is Looking Down. I decided to have The Hub take a picture of me at my spinning wheel (I would have done it myself, but you know, the ability to spin and take a picture at the same time is not one of my Super Powers).
I'm wearing handspun, handknit socks, and I'm spinning hand dyed (not by me) Corriedale wool. I'll spin 2 bobbins full and then ply them, and if I am very lucky, the yarn will be self-striping. We'll see.

And then, while we had the wheel up and all was going smoothly (not always the case), I had The Hub take a couple of very short videos of me spinning, which I uploaded to You Tube.

I wasn't kidding about short- this is 28 seconds of incredibly exciting spinning... silent spinning (though you can hear the wheel whir if you listen closely). Note- the Corriedale roving is extremely well prepared, so I can strip and spin on the fly. Not all fibers are so perfectly ready for spinning.

And if one short, silent video wasn't enough, I have 23 more thrilling seconds, this time with The Hub asking at the end, if he could please stop now. The Hub has no Film Maker Aspirations.

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