Sunday, April 22, 2012

Weaving Retreat #1- Looms, We Gotcher Looms Right Here!

I was only able to spend one day at the Weaving Retreat this year, but oh, what a day it was. I came home with several days' worth of posts. It was such fun (and so relaxing) to go to a retreat as a student and a participant (I teach at most of the festivals I attend). I learned so much just by watching the other weavers, but I learned even more with their kind help and advice. Also, we laughed. A lot.

But more about that tomorrow. Today- the looms (and this is not all of them- a couple of the pictures came out too fuzzy, and I'm sure I missed a few). In addition to knitters and crocheters, and at least a dozen spinning wheels (including my own), and lots of good food, there were looms. Everywhere, looms. Which was pretty intoxicating to a new weaver.
 Connie P had a little vintage 4-harness table loom. It's all metal, and look at the amazing towel/runner she's weaving!
 Kelly was using Kauni to weave a lacy shawl on this triangle loom.

Connie H spent the day warping this huge 8-harness floor loom. Tomorrow, I'll show you how she did that, and what she makes. Prepare to be blown away.
 Betty wove on this teeny little Weave-it loom (it's about 2" square).
 More little looms.
 Lorna wasn't sure that she was going to like weaving, or her vintage 4-harness table loom, but she fell in love.
 This is the Ashford Knitters Loom- I am currently lusting for this exact loom, but I am being good and learning the ins and outs of my own little loom first. I deserve a prize because the loom was right there, in front of me all day, on sale... and still I did not buy it.
 Candy wove a laceweight triangle on this loom- I think she plans to sew a lot of them together, patchwork style for a shawl.

Jill wove an amazing band on this inkle loom.

I believe this is a also an Ashford Rigid Heddle Loom- a fairly wide one- at least 24". It was also on sale, and I did not buy it.
And this is my little loom, a Beka Child/Beginner loom. I finished weaving the pre-warped portion, and with the advice of the wonderful weavers, I was able to warp it with my handspun cotton all by myself. Which I will show you tomorrow, along with pictures of the wonderful Weavers, and the fun we had!


Nora said...

I never realized there were so many different sized looms! I look forward to more photos. I do admire you for resisting the urge to buy those looms you were drooling over. :)

As to your own endeavor at weaving; from the looks of it it does appear you are getting the hang of it. :)

Jan said...

I am learning to weave as well, Kathleen, but jumped in head first. My aunts decided to give me their 4 harness counterbalance lug room. We drove back to WV for Thanksgiving and brought it back to Oklahoma. It had warp on it, so I wove all that off, which taught me a lot. Now, today, I am warping I bought a DVD about sectional warping, and it helped, but doing it is really instructional. I can't wait to see your posts on weaving!