Tuesday, February 5, 2008

AI- Atlanta Auditions

Now, that was more like it. Asia'h (I think that's how it's spelled) sang well enough to earn her sob story (not that *earn* is the word I want- it's horrible that her Dad died so recently, but the show trots out the hard-luck stuff too often to have the maximum effect), and the 16 year old with the adorable Great Grandma was amazing (is she my One? Maybe), and I liked the Biker Nurse a lot, if for no other reason than her reaction to Randy's stupid question about wearing biker gear to work.

I really wanted to like the glass cutter, and I might have if I had recognized even a note of the song he was singing. We'll see how he does with a familiar tune, though if he's going to be performing with his back to the audience, he's going to need better fitting jeans. And a belt.

Miss South Florida Whatever was annoying (*doo-doo*? Give me a break), but not nearly as annoying as the 16 year old who erroneously, and rather pitifully, thought he could out-snark Simon. And I'll bet Eva was serious, poor girl. My guess about homeless-car-boy with the variable English accent is that he doesn't have what it takes to pass through the next round.

More bad auditions tomorrow night, but maybe a few gems as well, and then, finally... finally.... Hollywood.

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Rosie said...

I'm glad that this week is the last week of auditions. Although, my least favorite part of the season is Hollywood week. I think we've seen the last of homeless car boy. And I LOVED Asia and the rocker nurse. I hope the rocker nurse at least makes it to the top 20 if not further.