Friday, February 22, 2008

Glass Circulars and Crochet Hooks

I don't know the makers of these needles, and I haven't ordered or used them, and I don't even know anyone who owns any, but wow... are these ever beautiful.

Michael and Sheila Ernst also make glass *don't drop* spindles, orifice hooks, buttons, jewelry, and glass straight and dp needles. I've done a little lampwork, just enough to recognize the craftsmanship and artistry in these gorgeous needles and hooks

For more pics, prices and ordering info, go here:


val said...

the detils in the spun crochet hooks are amazing - thanks for that link :)

oh and not sure why the email bounced you sent me, as i did recieve it at my end :)

journeysandreflections said...

They're beautiful!